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The Follicle: The hopefully positive effects of poo deprivation (Days 1-8)

Usually anything I do in my life, I do to the extreme.  Case in point – my movement to switching to nearly all Ava Anderson Non-Toxic personal care products and subsequent movement to eliminating conventional shampoo.  Wouldn’t you say that’s extreme??

By the time I took Karen’s advice, I was already a week into a new hair cleaning regimen.  This regimen comes complete with a homemade calendar of events (subject to change and which you can see already has for today Dec 16, day 8):

hair calendar

But before day 8 gets ahead of us let’s go back to the beginning with a few details from day 1 (Dec 9). I determined I have low porosity hair (I did the float test).  I have no similar “clinical evidence” to make a conclusion about my hair’s density or texture but in true self-diagnosis fashion I would say it is not dense and it is extremely fine.  I started with the baking soda/ACV method and was pleasantly surprised that this wash method worked and my hair did not stink.  Note: I probably used about 2 – 3 tablespoons of baking soda (quite a bit more than “No Poo Method” noted for this wash method).

Day 2 was dry shamp & day 3 was dry shamp with Ava Anderson styling cream to soften my ends. I can’t recall how I felt about my hair those days.  I’m sure it was nothing to write about and I’m also sure I just pulled it back.  Truth be told I’m doing this experiment during a time when I really need a haircut, which isn’t happening until the end of the month…

Day 4 started out as water only with a wet scritch and preen with my fingers.  It ended in desperately needing dry shamp.  I wish I had a picture.  I don’t think I’ll be using the water-only method ever again.

Day 5:  Rye flour wash!  I was really excited to try this method and finally wash my hair, especially because it was a heavy workout day and I could smell the cocoa powder and cinnamon wafting from my scalp (I added it to my dry shamp for tint).  Here’s the during and after photos.  Let it be known that I rarely air dry, I have to use a blowdryer to get some styling effect, especially since I’m not using any volumizing products.  But I use it on warm/low setting.  With a baby-sized vented brush.  I also liked this method though it left my ends a little dry (No Poo mentioned it left hers shiny/bouncy – can’t say I’ll ever be able to describe my hair that way).  When I do this method again, I will do ACV rinse to see if there is a difference in dryness.  I scritched/preened in the evening to circulate some oils since the ends seemed dry. Note: In hindsight, I’ve been doing a half-assed job with scritching/preening.  So glad I just found this video to do a full-assed job with scritching/preening.

Day 6:  Dry shamp only.  I pulled my hair back.

Day 7:  Dry shamp and Ava Anderson styling cream.  It started out as a 4/5 star personal rating regarding the look but kinda went down hill as the day went on.  I don’t think that’s a result of my new routine, that happened when I used conventional shampoo as well.  I think the work office air is a real [hair] downer (literally).  Here’s the day’s hair photo shoot.  Note that when I use dry shamp, I use A LOT of dry shamp because I believe my hair trends to the oily side (self-diagnosed).  I apply with a baby kabuki brush or angled face brush (looks like Bare Escentuals no longer sells the baby buki).  I can’t wait to get my French Green Clay to do my first clay wash.

Morning: I’m sectioning/straightening; dry shamp applique-ing to my roots

To look like this heading out the door:


By midmorning:  Surprise! I’ve pulled it back…

By EOD:  I let it down but ended up with an Angelina-esque bouffant (at least that’s what I told myself…)

day 7 eod

Day 8: intended to be a nothing day until this is what I saw when I rolled out of bed.  As noted on the calendar, I bumped up the baking soda/ACV wash by a day lest I be sent home from work for lice or kooties (not sure it’s so visible in the pic on the right but it looks as though I have serious dandruff).

After my baking soda/ACV wash:

My hair feels very soft 🙂

Here’s me by mid-morning in the office (left) and end of day at home (right):

I’m starting to like the baking soda/ACV the best but this weekend has another new method waiting in the ranks.  Stay tuned…

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